WordNexus 1.0 - Release 20.02.2006


WordNexus is a database and browser for a specific linguistic phenomenon called blends, blend words, or portmanteau words; in German these expressions are known under the term Wortkreuzung, Wortmischung, or Wortverschmelzung (and many others). Also covered are contaminations as slips of the tongue blends.

The German databases contain a collection of together more than thousand blend words and phrases, which can be filtered and searched; the databases of English blends provide as many items. The databases are divided into primary, self-collected data and secondary data extracted from the scientific literature. Additionally, a database of German and English contaminations (slips of the tongue) is provided.

WordNexus gives information not only of the data item itself but offers an analysis of phonetic, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic features including a structural categorization and naming scheme. WordNexus offers additional information by annotations like meaning paraphrases or the origin of the data item.

Juergen Reischer, Department of (Linguistic) Information Science, 93040 University of Regensburg